Tuesday, October 2, 2007

T.O.N.Y. (Tool Of New York)

Funny thing happened as I was browsing the internets before opening the package on the new NBA Live '08 game: I checked out ESPN.com only to see that Isiah Thomas sexually harassed Anucha Browne Sanders, according to the jury.

This puts an end to another chapter in the embarrassing New York Knicks offseason, and another chapter in the walking comedy novel that is Isiah Thomas' career in the Big Apple.

So, how does Zeke come back from this? He's been about as horrible a GM as you'll ever see, making the most unexplainable trades with absolutely no regard for the salary cap or actual team chemistry. His moves have further crippled the Knicks' payroll while the team's record has not reflected the high salary.

Sexual harrassment set aside, it's surprising that Isiah still has a job in New York, better yet the NBA. It hurts me to say this, considering he's one of my favorite pro athletes of all-time, but he truly sucks as an executive post-Hall of Fame career.

Of course, he drafts well, always has. As the Raptors' GM, he took Damon Stoudamire in 1995 and watched him win Rookie of the Year, and then took Marcus Camby the next year. In New York, he drafted Renaldo Balkman amid boos from the MSG crowd. Balkman surprised a lot of people with his hardworking play (though offensively his defencicies are highly amusing).

But the deals he's made since being hired in 2003 have set the franchise even further back from where former GM Scott Layden left it, which was almost in retarded mode. He traded for Stephon Marbury (cap-killing pg that historically makes teams worse and former teams better), Tim Thomas (cap-killing versatile forward with a penchant for uninspiring play), Quentin Richardson (cap-killing oft-injured 3-pt shooter who gets little open shots because of lack of distributing guards), Jamal Crawford (cap-killing gunner), Zach Randolph (cap-killing double-double guy with absolutely no D), Jalen Rose (cap-killing washed up forward; bought out last season), and signed Jerome James (Why??? James was overpaid by $10 million and never plays).

Notice any trends? Those were all cap-killing moves that had no regard for the Knicks' future. It's like he's out there playing fantasy league basketball or something. NY won't be under the cap (or close to it) until '09, and that's if he doesn't make another horrible trade (and that's if he gets to keep his job).

Isiah should've blown up this team two years ago, but didn't because of the menacing backlash from fans that was sure to ensure. Now, he's faced with another team that looks good on paper, but will struggle gelling with each other. He also has little room to improve the team, with no cap room and a lack of first round picks in upcoming years.

But worst of all, he has a PR nightmare of a sexual harassment suit hanging over his head that further embarrasses himself and the Knicks organization (if you want to call it that), and a short leash just turned into a noose. Of course, don't be surprised to see Thomas hang himself.


Don said...


Trey, you're killing me! You're KILLING ME!

Trey Jones said...

Naw, homey, Zeke is killing you lol.

Don said...


Sho' you right!