Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stop Your Run One of the Reasons That They Call Us Gang Green

The other reason, we got a gang of green

It may just be the preseason, but I'm saying it. The Boston Celtics are the best team in the Eastern Conference and they will advance to the NBA Finals for the first time since your boy was all of one year old ('86 for those that don't know).

When the Garnett trade first happened, and all the initial hype died down, my main criticism of the team was the lack of talent of any kind after the KG/Pierce/Allen trio. Since then, Danny Ainge has added some nice parts to go around the Ceatles (KG's name for the top 3).

They got James Posey (a big, strong defender with range), Eddie House (quick streak shooter), Dahntay Jones (athletic swingman who can defend), and Scot Pollard (big body, six fouls). They also got Tony Allen back from that season-ending knee injury from last season to go along with rookies Gabe Pruitt and Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

Now, compare Gang Green's (that's my nickname for this team and I'm sticking to it) roster with Cleveland's '07 Finals squad and even Miami's '06 championship team. The C's aren't that far off in terms of talent from the Heat and they're way better than the LeBrons in NBA talent.

My other question about the Celtics' potential greatness was, how would the Big Three play together? Would the O run through Garnett of Paul? After watching them dismantle the Timberwolves in Italy and the New York Knicks in Beantown, it was clear that their offense was in sync. They're running a sort of free-flowing offense in which they alternate between sets run primarily through Pierce and KG while finding Allen for open threes off screens.

Their offense also allows J. Shuttlesworth to create off the dribble, seeing that Rajon Rondo might not be all the way ready to take over the team.

I'm still on record saying that if the Nets get off their asses and make a trade for Jermaine O'Neal, they will be the beast of the East, hands down. But until then, prepare for more another dominant team in New England.

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Don said...

You forgot about the Knicks. lol.

Barring injury, I think Boston will be in the hunt. Along with Detroit and New York (I'm serious). I wouldn't exactly say that Boston is a lock though.