Wednesday, October 3, 2007

King Live Returns!!

I've finally emerged from my little hole (read: my room) where I have been emersed in the latest version of the NBA Live series, for which I am the current world king. A few observations from my 2-day streak of complete neglection of the rest of the world:

- '08 is at least 5x better than last year's version, which I played for a total of 3 hours. The graphics are improved and the gameplay is definitely on another level from '07.

- The dynasty mode is also more improved. First, EA did away with that annoying PDA feature (they may or may not have gotten rid of it last year, I wouldn't know) and, instead, have all of the league's news and rumors on the dynasty home screen.

- When you simulate games in season/dynasty mode, it shows a full play-by-play of the game being simulated and even asks you to join in if something significant is happening, like your team having a slight lead late in the game or trailing late. I started my first franchise with the Sonics and, while simulating the first game of the season, it stopped to ask me if I wanted to intervene the game because Kevin Durant was on his way to scoring 40 points. To that I say, wow.

- Point guards are literally unstoppable if you're guarding them straight up as a user. One of my first games playing, Steve Nash lit me up for 20 in the first half and was hitting everything, floaters, left-handed hook shot layups, pull-up jumpers, 3s, everything. My suggestion: lots of help defense...lots.

- If a big man has the ball close to the basket, it's money 95% of the time.

- EA casually forgot to include Luis Scola on my Rockets, which deals a big blow to my world domination plans. (Hello, NBA Live online.)

- The Rockets look nice on there. Despite getting screwed out of Scola. Update your rosters, people.

- Haven't played the FIBA World Championships yet, but EA nailed it with the exact rosters for foreign squads.

- No word yet if LeBron and Kobe have already traded themselves away from their respective teams.

- As much as I like this year's Live, next year's version is going to be off the chain. Especially with Derrick Rose in a Sonics or Trail Blazers uniform, O.J. Mayo with the Clippers, Tywon Lawson with the Pacers, and Eric Gordon with the Kings.

- Speaking of which, can't wait for NCAA March Madness '08 to come out.

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Ben Q. Rock said...

NBA Live 2001 for PC.
I kick it old-school.

Those screenshots make me wish I had a game system. :-(