Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Antoine Walker Robbed Again

This time, Pat Riley was the culprit

It was only a matter of time before Antoine's bubble burst.

15 months ago, Walker was holding up a championship trophy as a member of the Miami Heat, completing the tranformation from alleged selfish gunner to team player/gunner.

But of course, 'Twan had to go and screw it up. He came to training camp out of shape (at least more out of shape than he already was) and fell into the doghouse of one of the game's greatest coaches of all time, further upsetting the basketball gods.

The hoops god in return shipped him to the Land of Lakes in return for Ricky Davis and Mark Blount.

This is a good move for the Heat; Davis provides a younger and more athletic scoring threat than Walker, and Blount is a formiddable option off the bench and is insurance for Riley in case Shaq takes his annual mid-season vacation.

For Walker, not so much. He goes from a city that is 85 degrees daily to a city that won't see 85 if you added their daily forcasts for two weeks. He might as well be back in Boston. (Note: He wishes he was back in Boston, right now.) Hey 'Twan, good luck finding the ball behind all those youngsters who management will love way more than you.

The lesson, as always, stay in shape, especially if Pat Riley is involved. He'll run you straight out of town. Ask Stan Van Gundy.


Don said...

Yeah, Riley really isn't too big on loyalty. I think the Davis (and even Blount) deal was a steal.

I once wrote an article on the Miami Heat after they won the championship.

A Miami HeATEr:

Don said...

Good luck on the season dude.

Oh yeah, I picked Steve Francis thinking he would start, and now Houston is talking about not even playing him?! That's real effed up