Friday, October 12, 2007

NBA 2K8 Version of LeBron's "48-Point Game"

It almost looks real. Lol at LeBron throwing up the Roc sign after the behind-the-back, step-back jumper.

Video courtesy of Detroit Bad Boys.


Don said...

Man (!), that did look real. Wow.

Ebonne said...

video game graphics are really starting to get out of control...ridiculous... i did an nba live event gilbert arenas last month and it really looked like you were watching an actual game when he was playing

Trey Jones said...

Yeah..I was blown away by how real this shit looks. I hope they do more classic performances, i.e. A.I.'s 48-point game 1 vs. L.A. in '01

Don said...

Aw, the AI Game 1 Finals performance would be too smooth. Iverson snapped in that game. Pound for pound.

I agree Ebonne, they really are starting to get out of control. Wish they were like that when I was younger.

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