Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Since When Did We Become Soccer Moms

America the beautiful?

How about America the sensitive. This country is officially soft.

The New England Patriots have rolled through each of their eight opponents, by an average of over 20 points no less,
and have managed to piss off the league in the process, especially in the past couple of games.
Fans, detractors, and analysts alike have slammed the Pats for "running up the score" like this is pee-wee league or something.


As the title asked, when did we become a bunch of soccer moms? The Redskins and Dolphins are
pro teams getting millions of dollars to stop teams like the Pats from embarrassing them in front of thousands
of people. Don't blame Bilichek for not slowing it down and making it look closer then it really was.
Blame Cam Cameron and Joe Gibbs.

The Patriots are on a "we don't give a fuck" mission, and I like it. You try to disclaim
their titles, they beat your team by 45. You don't like it, stop them.

Until then, get down or lay down.

P.S. If this post looks messed up, it is because I'm doing it on my iPhone.
Bare with me.

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