Monday, October 8, 2007

An Enigma Wrapped In a Mystery

There's a story in today's Houston Chronicle about how Bonzi Wells is so happy to be playing with the Rockets under Rick Adelman and other blah blah shit.

Of course, I, like everybody else in Houston, waited patiently for these predictable comments ever since he announced that he would be coming back to the team. Of course, that was after Adelman was in and Jeff Van Gundy was out.

Do I believe Bonzi's newfound exuberance to be a Rocket? I'm not sure. I still haven't fully forgiven him for inexplicably quitting on the team last year just before the playoffs when we needed him the most, though who can blame an offensively talented player for not wanting to play for Coach Fester?

Regardless, the fact remains that Wells remains one of the keys to the Rockets' elevating to elite status this season, though not as much as last year when there was a shortage of impact playmakers outside of McGrady and Yao. This year, there's Scola, Francis, Mike James, and Aaron Brooks to help lighten the two superstars' load.

And you can add Bonzi's name to that list. He only played 28 uninspired games last season (and 21 minutes per), averaged 7.8 points, and was not the Bonzi Wells we were hoping to get when he signed. He was slow, out of shape, whiny, and was a far cry from the 2006 Bonzi who played in 52 games under Adelman (32 minutes per), averaged 13.6 points per game, and gave the Spurs fits in the Kings/Spurs first round series.

Hopefully, Adelman can turn back the clock on Bonzi's rollercoaster career. First, he's gotta get him healthy. He's been sitting out much of training camp with the same groin injury that sidelined him for so much time during last season's preseason.

If he keeps up this shit throughout the season, I'm gonna have to put him over teammate Skip to Another Team on my Rockets Shit List.


Don said...

I miss the old Bonzi Wells. And I also miss the days when newspapers didn't come out with their annual spin articles. LOL.

Trey Jones said...

Maybe I'm too young, but I don't remember a time when they didn't do annual spin articles lol.

I want the 2000 Bonzi Wells. That's a championship waiting to happen if we get anything as hungry (no pun) as he was during that time.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

They still gone be # 4 in the west

Trey Jones said...

#4, maybe. I think we have enough to take the Southwest

Don said...

The old Sports Illustrated magazines mid 80s - early 90s never spint their articles. Only until the popularity of ESPN did sensationalism define articles.

Wells was a beat in the '00 WC playoffs. He abused Kobe Bryant in the post. You remember that?

Oh yeah, I'm tripping on Steve Franchise and his "new found" passion for the game of basketball. That's a fake dude I swear.

Don said...


Trey Jones said...

I definitely remember that '00 series that the Blazers choked away.

These days, journalists that follow teams around are just looking for enough bullshit quotes to make a story out of. They don't care how boring or hyperbolic these statements are, as long as a story can be made.

Trey Jones said...

That passion from Francis is true though. It comes from playing for an organized organization. After playing in Orlando and NY, I can understand how one could lose said passion.