Friday, August 17, 2007

"You From the Era Where Snitchin' Is The Shit"

"I'm afraid of the future." - Jay-Z, "30 Something"

As I'm sure all of you may have heard by now, Michael Vick's remaining co-defendants in the federal dogfighting case both plead guilty today and opted to testify against Vick. The co-defendants (Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips) also double as his best friends. Ouch! Damn shame.

What's the world coming to when you can't even trust your ex-con weedcarriers?

The answer: it's always been like that. Historically, most organized criminals facing long time in prison have ratted out big factions of their fellow mobsters (see: Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Henry Hill). Refuted drug dealers (Nikky Barnes, Frank Lucas) also cooperated with the law to save themselves from dying in prison. Three dogfighters from Virginia really isn't that big a deal.

Remember folks, this is America. We're a nation that is consistent with the mindframe of "survival of the fittest". The underlying theme in that frame of mind is "save your own ass". Trust me, I'm not condoning ratting out your supposed best friend who probably funded your and your family's lifestyle, but they did nothing pretty much the whole world hasn't been doing before them.

The truth is, something like this was bound to happen to a big-name athlete. From Allen Iverson to Ray Lewis to Pacman Jones, how many times do you hear athletes say after getting in trouble because of friends that they need to "watch the people around them"? A billion times by my count. I'm as loyal as anyone on this planet, but I draw the line when you start impeding my progress and taking me down your path of screwupness.

Vick obviously never learned that (unlike the rest of this country, I'm reserving judgment until a little thing called the legal system plays out. But if he cops a plea, I'm through with him) and now he'll probably be the official poster boy for what can happen when you hang around the wrong people. He's now left on a dangerous island by the people who he never expected to abandon him. That is his biggest crime.

No wonder his awareness rating on Madden is so low.


shakes said...

I know the feeling.

In October 2005, I found out my two daughters mom and her brother, serving 18 years on drug charges, had put the feds up on me (and therefore my friends) trying to get felony convictions which would get his time cut.

On top of that, when she felt like I was close to finidn what was going on, she took my kids (who I haven't seen since), my home, truck (was in her name), and all the money I had to my name ($49,000).

Left me and my life in danger (once my ex-friends found out), broke and I haven't seen her or my daughters since.

So yeah, I too got heat for a snitch dawg.

Trey said...

Damn, I'm too sorry to hear that.

That's tough, but like I said, dudes will always save themselves no matter how good a dude you are. They forget all that.

You'll always be in jail nigga just minus the bars"

shakes said...

Man I listened to that Jay Z song you quoted A Week Ago for many a days and nights after everything came to the light. And I swear to God the last letter I wrote her brother (my ex-best friend) ended with those exact words.

I even started a blog called Minus The Bars.

shakes said...

Oh yeah, he was able to get his 21 year sentence (18 to serve) reduced to a little under 9 years by snitching on my friends, family and me.

My car has been shot up (no one was injured) and I have received numerous death threats. And I have to somehow begin my life over with not a dine to my name while living at my aunt's house.

To anyone reading this. Take the game from me -- Trust NO ONE!


Trey said...

To tell you the truth, that shit sickens me. But it's like I said, it's either you or them, and most times you're not gonna be the choice. Sad but true. Dudes will ruin your life because of their mistakes.

Like Pac said, it's a cold world, niggas will kill you in your sleep.