Friday, August 24, 2007

Redd Hot -- Is Trey Changing His Mind About Team USA?

Michael Redd was on fire last night in Team USA's game against the Virgin Islands. Redd put up 22 points in the 123-59 rout, the second-biggest Team USA win ever. And believe me, it wasn't that close.

I'm starting to feel a tad bit different about this team and their chances for gold. With Jason Kidd in the fold, the team's offense is night and day from the last few years in international play. And Kobe is giving even proof that he's easily the best player in the world, even when he's on a team with other players that can lay that claim. Any team that he's on should be feared, well, except any team Mitch Kupchak is running.

Carmelo also looked good, dropping 22 points and shooting great from the field. Mike Miller and Amare Stoudamire each scored 13 points and the U.S. was 15-30 from 3-point land. We're almost there. Not yet, but almost.

On a side note: For all you Big East fans, there was a Carl Krauser sighting. I see moonlighting as a native of another country is the new NBA. I digress. I thought he was from the Bronx. Oh well.

The Virgin Islands were nowhere close at any part of the game. Maybe if Tim Duncan was playing. I'm still waiting to see Team USA against a top team like Argentina, France, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

But until then, we're 2-0 bitches!

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