Friday, August 3, 2007

Roc(kets) Too Strong For Ya'll

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Before we go any further, I'm officially announcing that the upcoming 2007-2008 Houston Rockets season will from now on be known as "The Takeover". Yeah, break's over. Ya'll ain't ready for war. You bringing boys to men. How them boys gon' win?

Anyway, the NBA released its schedule yesterday, and, more importantly, the Rockets "Takeover" schedule. With the roster we've built up over the summer, pretty much every game is a must-see (at least for me).

Check it out here.

It's interesting that we open up against 12 Western Conference playoff teams in the first 17 games of the season. Any other year with any other roster and I would be worried and angry.

Some interesting dates:

-10/30 @LA Lakers: The "Takeover" opener. Plus, the first chance to catch Stevie Francis back in a Rocket uniform.

-11/1 @ Utah: Two days later, we get a rematch of last season's seven game first round matchup. Also, interesting to see Francis match up against one of the league's elite point guards in Deron Williams.

-11/3 vs. Portland: The Rockets get the number one pick Greg Oden in the "Takeover" home opener. Yao vs. Oden should be nice.

-11/06 vs. San Antonio: The defending champs come to town for the first time on ESPN. Newly-acquired forward Luis Scola faces the team he was drafted by for the first time.

-11/05 @ Dallas: Rockets will get a true test of where they are when they go into Dallas, where they've had problems in recent regular seasons.

-01/02 @ Boston: The Rockets trio of Francis, McGrady, and Yao travel to Boston to face the Celtics' three-headed monster of KG, Allen, and Pierce in a potential Finals preview. (I know, a little early)

-01/09 @ New York: A week later we go to NYC to face Francis' former team in Madison Square Garden.

-01/21-01/23 @ Seattle; vs. Seattle: Home and home against rookie stud Kevin Durant and the Sonics against the guy he's compared to so often, McGrady.
So yeah, the Takeover officially begins on October 30 in LA. Get your calendars ready. We don't slack a minute.


shakes said...

Trey, love the enthusiam shown by a Texas native but you and I both know that Tracy McGrady and the Rockets can go 82-0 and still not be able to make it beyond the first round of the playoffs. Sad, but true.

Hey, don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger.

Trey said...

We shoot messengers in Texas. And execute them. Lol. But we're too deep this year to lose in the first round. Francis, T-Mac, Yao, Bonzi, Battier, Scola, Brooks, James, Snyder, too much talent for anybody outside of San Antonio, Dallas, or Phoenix