Saturday, September 15, 2007

Used To Love H.E.R

I was in love with her...still am, kinda.

I first fell in love with Ivory Latta in 2003, not with how she looked, but how she played. She was a small, cocky, dynamic point guard playing in the McDonald's All-American Game in Cleveland, Ohio. (Actually, I first saw her the night before in the 3-point contest.)

She had signed to play at North Carolina, which meant that I would definitely be watching (or slightly obsessing over) her at every chance for four years. She idolized Allen Iverson, which meant we were soulmates.

And I did. I watched her accomplish great things and I watched her fall, repeatedly.

I watched and watched, year after year, as the Tar Heel women fell short of a national title, even though they were the most talented team year after year. I never got mad, I didn't judge. You don't do that to women you love.

I watched as she (went too late) to the Detroit Shock with the 11th pick in the '07 Draft. I kicked and screamed that the Houston Comets should've taken her, at least then I would have watched a few WNBA games.

Now, she sits the bench for the Shock as they take on the Phoenix Mercury for the championship. She's played 11 minutes total in the series. Some might consider her a bust, a has been. But I'll keep watching, not for how she looks, but because of how she plays, how I know she can play.

And, that's why I love her.


Don said...

I remember when I use to love the Saints. Man, what the F has happened to my team!? Tampa Bay?!

Trey Jones said...

On the flip side, my Texans are 2-0. What?

Don said...

2-1. Indy next week.