Sunday, September 9, 2007

How To Win A Super Bowl In The Summer: AFC East Preview

In the latest installment of I Ball For Real's NFL previews, we tackle the AFC East, which features the league's Super Bowl favorite, a team that could suprise as a Super Bowl contender, and a team that suprise as a playoff contender for the first time in almost a decade. Oh, and the Miami Dolphins.

New England Patriots (2006: 12-4) -- Last year, 3-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady took the Pats to the AFC Championship Game without the services of a true number one receiver and old, slow linebackers. This year, his prayers have been answered with the welcome additions of Randy Moss, Donte' Stallworth, Wes Walker, Adalius Thomas, plus Asante Samuel is back and the team took Univ. of Miami safety Brandon Merriweather in the first round. This team could go anywhere from 14-2 and 16-0. They're that good.
Prediction: 14-2.

New York Jets (2006: 10-6) -- It's possible that the Jets biggest deficiency is that they're in the same division as the Patriots, but the Jets have a really good team that could overachieve their way into the Super Bowl. They added former Bears running back Thomas Jones and drafted playmaking corner Darelle Revis in the first round. You know, the Darelle Revis who did this.
Prediction: 10-6.

Buffalo Bills (2006: 7-9) -- The Bills haven't been in the playoffs in 7 years. I'm sorry to say that they won't be making the postseason this year, either. For starters they traded their workhouse, running back Willis McGahee, and replaced him with a rookie, Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is a good back, but he's no McGahee yet. The Bills do have a young playmaker in wide receiver Lee Evans, but they also have inconsistent quarterback J.P. Losman throwing him the ball. Buffalo will come close to the playoffs, but not close enough.
Prediction: 8-8.

Miami Dolphins (2006: 6-10) -- Let's see, the team signed former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, who struggled with injuries last year; then they passed on Notre Dame QB in the draft for Ohio State WR Ted Ginn, Jr., who had surgery on his left foot before the draft; then they traded for Chiefs quarterback Trent Green, who missed most of '06 with a concussion. Yeah, they have top-5 pick written all over them.
Prediction: 4-12.

Division Champs: Patriots (who else?)

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Don said...

I agree with you on your NE assessment. They really are that good. Most people are knocking the Jets because of the beating they took yesterday, but the Pats are loaded and well coached.