Monday, September 10, 2007

Only Because I Have To: NFC South Preview

In many fields in life, there are always going to be inferiors to the superior group. The NBA's Western Conference has the East. In baseball, the AL almost always trumps the NL. Hip-hop music these days is vastly inferior to pop. (Note: STOP ALL THESE DAMN DANCES!!) And of course, the AFC has the NFC, football's junior varsity conference.

So without further ado, your NFC South preview.

New Orleans Saints (2006: 10-6) -- Besides the brutal beating the Saints took on opening night against the Colts, they're still a very good, and potentially great, team. Of course, they could surely work on their pass coverage (shout out to Jason David), but with QB Drew Brees, RBs Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister and WR Marques Colston, they feature one of the league's most explosive offenses (even though that same offense was held to only a field goal against the Colts, who are no '85 Bears). Screw it, they're a really good team and they should still win the South.
Prediction: 11-5.

Carolina Panthers (2006: 8-8) -- Panthers, oh Panthers, everybody's perennial trendy Super Bowl pick. Of course, Carolina always manages to disappoint those people. Thankfully, the Panthers don't have much of those expectations this year, because frankly, they won't be going to any Super Bowls anytime soon. WR Steve Smith is still one of the most feared playmakers in the NFL, it's just that his starting quarterback is an overrated choke artist, and his backup quarterback is David Carr. Enough said. And why is John Fox still allowed to have a job there?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2006: 4-12) -- Honestly, Tampa and Atlanta could easily replace each other for 3rd and 4th place in this division. They're both horrible teams. The Bucs' only bright spot, however, is their stud running back Carnell Williams and the hopes that Jeff Garcia can help lead them away from their destined mediocrity.
Prediction: 3-13.

Atlanta Falcons (2006: 7-9) -- Weren't they a game away from the Super Bowl three years ago? What a difference. Their star coach was fired last year, they haven't made the playoffs since they made the NFC Championship Game, their superstar quarterback was exiled from the NFL, and the insurance backup QB was traded to the Texans, and Joey Harrington is now their starting quarterback. Brittney Spears would be proud.
Prediction: 2-14.

Division Champs: Saints

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Don said...

Lol, Britney Spears would be proud. I am afraid the Saints are not going to play football this year. I'm kinda scared. If they lose to Tampa Bay...everybody dies.