Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prep Recruit Snitches On UNC

What's this world coming to?

After his official visit in Chapel Hill last week, prep recruit Iman Shumpert reportedly told that he played pickup ball with a few former Tar Heel players. Shumpert said Raymond Felton, Sean May, and Marvin Williams tried to persuade him to commit to North Carolina.

Not a big deal, you say. Well, if what Shumpert said is true, it could mean a possible recruiting violation.

Under NCAA rule, NBA players are seen as athletic representatives because they promote the school. In May and Williams' cases, the rule doesn't apply because they are currently still enrolled in classes at the university. Felton is not.

My only question is why this is even a rule in the first place? Oh yeah, the NCAA is a bunch of idiots. Nevermind.

I wonder if Roy Williams will still recruit him.


Don said...

Hahaha, there is absolutely no honor amongst thieves. I wonder what made him snitch?!

Trey Jones said...

Probably just bragging.