Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some Garnett to Boston Links

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  • TheSports Guy thinks that after the blockbuster trade, Kevin McHale is still a Celtic at heart. I think he's an idiot at heart.
  • Cass at Dime reluctantly praises the deal. Damn these childhood allegiances.
  • Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald says the deal is already finalized and that Garnett is on the way to Boston for a physical.
  • Marc Stein continues his stalkerish coverage of the trade.
  • Miss Gossip, on the Fanhouse, says Michael Olowokandi is the big reason for KG coming to Boston. I say Olo is the reason no one from Colgate will ever get drafted again.

UPDATE: It's official. KG is a Celtic.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure: The Answer at Georgetown, in all his rawness.

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