Saturday, July 28, 2007

Allow Me To Introduce Myself My Name Is....

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Trey, co-founder of the new sports-knowledge site, I Ball For Real. IBFR was created to offer another perspective into the wide spectrum of the sports world, locally and nationally.

I and my brother from another, Justin (aka Blaze), hail from the great city of Houton, TX, home of our beloved Rockets, our sometimes loved Astros, and the stepchildren Texans (*sigh*). We admittedly claim to have an extensive knowledge of these teams (a little too much sometimes) but we damn sure operate knowledgeably about any team in any major sport. That's just how we get down.

For those that wanna know (or those who don't know), Blaze (one of the most NFL-smart dudes I know) and I have been homeboys since the 10th grade where we played basketball together. We also both represent the Southside of H-Town to the absolute fullest.

So basically, we're on a mission to lock down this section of the sports universe. Me, I'm going to mostly fill your brain on the many hoops topics going on, Blaze is going to be mostly hitting you over the head with that gridiron sh*t. Get down or lay down.

Anything else you wanna know about me (or us), hit us on the e-mail. But I'll tease you with a few details about yours truly:

  • My favorite rapper is Mr. Shawn Carter (the author of the quote that inspired the title of this here blog.)
  • Favorite team is the Rockets.
  • I think Michael Vick is innocent.
  • Kevin Durant should've been the number 1 pick.
  • I can't wait until Barry Bonds breaks the home-run record.
  • Favorite athlete is Allen Iverson.
  • Steve Francis will be the best offseason acquisition in the NBA. Hands down.
  • The Rockets will win the 2008 NBA title.
  • If they don't, let's pretend we never had this discussion.

One hunned.....


shakes said...

Trey, let me post some of my articles on your site. Join forces sorta speak.

Get at me.

Trey said...

That's straight. Shoot me your e-mail.