Sunday, December 23, 2007

Aaron Brooks Is Alive

Damn it's been a long time since I've posted here. The last time I did post, I declared that Tracy McGrady should be on the first flight outta Space City.

I've lightened my stance on McGrady getting traded a little bit - not because he's shown the potential superduperstardom that his talent should warrant, but because I've realized that no team with the star player we need would take T-Back and his massive salary.

Anyway, Tracy came back to action last night in Chicago, only to be upstaged by the Rockets suddenly awaken bench. Bonzi had 20, Scola chipped in with 14, Lu Head put up an impressive 13 in his Chi-town homecoming.

But the biggest (or smallest) difference came from greatly needed rook Aaron Brooks. He only scored four points, but he dished out six assists, and in the fashion the Rockets have been trying to implicate since training camp. Aaron pushed the ball with relent every time he touched it, forcing his veteran teammates into his tempo. And it's about time.

The emmergence of Brooks and Head the last two games seems as if it will spell the end for offseason vet pickups Mike "Who" James and Steve Francis, which would break my heart in another lifetime (like, if I was 14).

We're looking forward to more minutes for Brooks, who will turn out to be the real reason Rafer Alston should have been watching his back this summer.


Don said...

Happy Holidays, bruh.

Don't let the Rockets get you down and I won't let the Knicks drive me insane either. lol.

Don said...

You alright, bruh? Long time, no hear.