Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Been A Long Time

I shouldn't have left you.

Due to the following obstacles, I haven't been able to update here at I Ball For Real:

1. School (18 hours is a bitch)

2. Work (I work for the Rockets, a lot of long nights)

3. My addiction to NFL Madden

4. And laziness (Sorry..)

But starting today, I'm back on it. Sorry for the absence.

Shout out to Don from Minus the Bars for awaking me from the interdead.


Don said...

Welcome back.

And no, they still haven't fired Isiah Thomas yet. lol.

Luther Head was doing damage on my fantasy team along with Ming and Battier. Now Adelman has benched him. I was in 3rd place. *sigh*

Trey Jones said...

All the while, my fantasy team rolls through at number 1 behind Deron Williams and LeBron.