Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chris Paul = Best Point Guard in the NBA

Remember that whole Chris Paul/Deron Williams debate over who was better?

Yeah, me neither.

Let's just say, with the way not only CP3 has been playing, but the Hornets as a squad, we have a clear cut answer to that question for the first time in a long time.

The Hornets are currently 32-12, good enough for first place in the razor-tough Western Conference, and Paul is the unquestioned reason why. He's on pace to be the only player EVER to average 20 points, 10 assists, and 3 steals per game. He would also be the first player to average 20 points and 10 dimes since Timmy Hardaway in 1995. 12 times this season he's scored 20 and thrown double-digit assists. He's averaged over 24 ppg and 10 apg in two head-to-head wins over Steve Nash and the Suns.

Plus, he's making a mockery of the point guard position right now.

Not only is he getting to the rim at ease and turning David West and Tyson Chandler into potential All-Stars, he's shown much improvement on what was perceived to be his biggest flaw: his outside shooting. He's shooting 48% from the field and 35% from 3, making him literally unguardable.

But his greatest strength is what he's been known for since forever - leadership. Dude is almost Isiah Thomas reincarnated. He can score from anywhere on the floor, has the uncanny ability to find open teammates, gets inside your jersey on defense, and absolutely gets the most out of his team every single night. Let's hope he doesn't sink an entire league as an owner, help ruin a storied NBA franchise as a GM,
and embarrass all sports fans with a ridiculous sexual harassment lawsuit. Just sayin'.

There's a level of intensity in CP that he exudes among his squad. They don't just think they're good, they think they should win every night. Ask the reigning champ Spurs, who got blitzed by the Hornets at home 102-78 after another double-double by CP3 (17 points, 11 assists), and the Nuggets, the Hornets' next victim who got stung in the Big Easy behind a monstrous game (23 points, 17 assists, 9 boards) by the league's premier pg.

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Don said...

Chris Paul is definitely sick. I bet alot of people forget that he played in Lebron's first televised game. Played for the other team.

You never pass up the shot to take a stab at the Knicks, do you? lol