Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome to the Good Life

Before the NBA season started, I predicted the Boston Celtics would come out of the East. Of course, I was speaking from the initial excitement of seeing of the league's greatest players escape a horrible situation in Minnesota and land on one of the most storied franchises in sports history -- with two other All-Stars already present at that.

I didn't know how KG, Allen, and Pierce would play together on the court, or how the other 9 guys would contribute in relief of the trio. Well, after seeing them start the season at 13-2, including complete beatdowns of the Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, and perhaps the lowest moment in New York Knicks history, a 46 point BCS ass whooping Thursday in Boston on national TV (after some inspiring words from the Rev. Quentin Richardson).

The best thing about Boston's start has been the beautiful motion that has been the Celtics' ball movement in the halfcourt, which has complimented their stellar defense, tops in the league. (Of course, the excitement Beantown has registered around the nation exposes hoops fans' hypocrisy. The San Antonio Spurs do the same thing the C's are doing, only better, and they get dismissed as "boring". Riiight.)

KG has been playing like a leading MVP candidate, and would be the definite leader in the race if it weren't for King James absolutely destroying the league on a nightly basis. Ray Allen has hit some big clutch shots (like his GWs in Toronto and Charlotte) and has showed that he is still one of the best shooters in the NBA.

But mainstay Pierce has been the real killer for the team with the best record. Truth is leading the squad in scoring and has been the go-to guy in the fourth quarter, which he should be, seeing that he's been the Celtics top guy for about eight years.

But how great does Garnett feel right now? He leaves the wasteland that is the Timberwolves, goes to Boston (which is on a sports high right now with the Patriots destined for a Super Bowl and the Red Sox coming off their 2nd World Series in three years), gets an extension, gels immediately with his new teammates, and now they look like the best team in the East by far. Plus, he gets to come home to an unbelievable display of fineness every night.

The good life indeed.

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Sidebar: Trey, you can't be happy w/ the Rockets thus far. Whats up?