Friday, December 7, 2007

Go D.J.!

D.J. Augustin is simply the best point guard in college of right now.

Now why couldn't he be this dominant last year with the POY on campus? All in all, 14 points and 6.7 assists per is really good (actually kinda great) for a first year pg on any level, but Augustin could've done much better in his freshman campaign.

He routinely ignored Kevin Durant even after he was hot from the field, and, even though he had no trouble getting into the lane, it was his decision making upon entrance that he struggled with.

This year, D.J. does no such things. His decision making so far this season has been off the charts, and he's been excelling in late game situations (save for the lucky air-ball/alley-oop to Damion James in the W at UCLA).

He's averaging 19 points and 7 assists, which are dominant numbers in the college game, and he's putting himself in a great position to be a lottery pick next summer. Though I do believe Memphis' Derrick Rose will eclipse Augustin slightly by the end of the year, right now D.J. is looking like another point guard who went to high school in Houston and had two letters in his first name.


Sheletha said...

i like basketball, therefore, i like your blog!!!

Trey Jones said...

I surely appreciate it

Don said...

What about Derrick Rose?

And do you think the Knicks can get him in the lottery next year?

Ticia said...

Derrick Rose is from the Chi-Town!!!

What abt the Fighting Illini? That is my alma mater!!

The Bulls are going to get better and beat everyone!!

I love Barron Davis.. he's hot!!

Don said...

lol @ Ticia