Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Return of the Gangsta

9 points and 7 assists isn't anything to scare the Spurs about.

9 points and seven dimes is something to excite young Trey about, because Steve Francis is not only entrenched in his rightful place in the middle of the Rockets rotation, but he looks to be getting his game (and conditioning) back to where he could really be the backcourt catalyst we in Houston have been begging for since, well, Steve Francis left in 2004.

He sure was one of, if not the, catalysts in the win over Phoenix last night in the desert. He exerted great man to man defense on Leahandro Barbosa and made some plays from the weakside to stop inside Suns' baskets.

Most importantly, he hit the shot to put us up by four with under 30 seconds left in the game. And it wasn't so much the fact that he hit the shot, but with T-Mac settling into his usual late-game jump-shooting display and nobody else on the team capable of creating their own shot, Francis stepped and did what he does best: drive into the teeth of the defense like it was his own home.

Basically, Stevie Francis doesn't give a fuck. Never did. Still doesn't.

And that's what we needed the most. Not just a point guard, but an aggressive point guard that's not scared to make mistakes and not only match up with the league's elite pgs, but carry the ego that he is indeed among the league's elite. And when it comes to egos, Francis is definitely a first-teamer.

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